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Shenzhen Ephraim Optical Communication Co,LTD (EPHLINK) is one of the leading suppliers of networking and communication solutions in China. We provide high-performance networking product platforms, evolve FTTH technology platforms to deliver highly advanced and easily deployable communications solutions to a global customer base. 

The company keeps pace with research and participates in various FTTx projects in domestic and overseas. Now its products and solutions have been widely applied by China transportation system, safe city projects, education system, and many overseas ISPs and distributors. Its products are well sold in key Countries in Southeast Asia, Europe, Latin-America and Africa. 

We aims to make a connected world, a better world by our high-quality products and services.



Contact: Mike Chen

Phone: +8613548734767

Tel: +8613548734767

Email: sales02@ephlink.com

Add: 203, 6th Floor, South Tower, Yuanxing Technology Building, No. 1 Songpingshan Road, Xili Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

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