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Movistar will increase its fiber speed through XGSPON this year

Enrique Blanco, Chief Technology Officer of Telefonica, attended the FTTH European Council's annual FTTH conference in Valencia this morning, which revealed Movistar's commitment to fiber and expectations for the next few years. .
Currently, we can provide you with 2 images of his presentation and very interesting data. The first is an impressive map showing the dense fiber deployment suffered by the country's territory over the past six years and the massive expansion of FTTH. Although in 2011, their fiber network covered only 1.6 million households, only Madrid and Barcelona covered more than 20%, but in the third quarter of 2017, our coverage reached 18.6 million, most of which covered More than 40% of the provinces.

The next step in making full use of the possibilities of fiber-optic networks is to upgrade the network operating system from the current GPON to the new XGSPON, which is designed for symmetric speed and capable of supporting 10 Gbps in both directions across the optical branch. GPON current to 2.5 / 1.25 Gbps. Telefónica set the date: it will be available this year. We don't know if XGSPON has been updated after 600 megabytes of progressive replication, but it will definitely be necessary to provide higher speeds in the future.

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